Thursday, April 6, 2017


After I read holes today I discovered that each kid has a nickname. Most of the kids would rather be called by their nickname rathern than their real name. One example there is this kid and his name is theodore but his nickname is armpit, and one day a kid called him by his real name and he got really mad and pushed him. I wonder why they like there nicknames better than their real names because i would not want to be called armpit. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Movie Is Better Than The Book

I think the Giver movie is better than the book you might think the other way but you're wrong for these 3 reasons, the first reason is because the movie is in first person, you can visualize the action better, and you can see emotion and exactly what is going.
The Giver movie is now in first person as the book was not. Now that the movie is in first person you can see what jonas is thinking and all his emotions and in the book when it is not in first person it makes it more difficult to comprehend how jonas is thinking because it will usually be focused on something else and you can miss an important part of the movie.
My other reason is you can visualize all the action better, for example when jonas jumps of the cliff on his motorcycle you can see his face and his emotions and not just in the book, “ he jumps off the cliff with wind blowing on his face” because that doesn't show anything going on around him or anything going on with his emotions. It just shows one thing and can't focus on multiple things at a time like in the movie.  
My third and final reason is you can see all the emotion, if jonas or any of the other characters is mad or sad you can see it in there face without having to read, “ jonas is sad”, “fiona is angry”. And this way you can see what is going on in a minute and in the book it will explain his single emotion or thought in like 10 pages. Also you can hear people talking and the sounds of everything going on and don't have to infer what stuff sounds like and looks like.
And in conclusion I still think that the movie was better than the book because, the movie is in first which the book is not, you can actually see the action, and you can see all the emotion going on. Which is why the movie is better than the book.


Tonight i just started reading Holes, I saw the movie a long time ago and i'm not sure if i like the book or the movie better because they both have a lot of detail.  Although the movie is pretty good the book is good too. Reading the book helps me understand the whole theme better. So far the plot is about what would happen if you got bite by a yellow spotted lizard and what the consequences would be if it happened.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Looking Back In The Past

I walk into grandma's room she is laying in bed in her blue robe, with oxygen tubes up her nose watching TV. My dad sitting on the bed next to her. I walk in and say “ Hi grandma my class is doing interviews for English  and wanted to do it on you.” I could see not much change in her face when i said that even tho i know she was happy, because i know she loves the attention. I sart to read one of the questions as her dog phoebe tries to jump p on my lap.

Q: What did you do for your free time when you were younger?
A: as she thinks long and hard my dad tries to help remind her of somethings
“Ballet” my dad says. “Oh yeah, i did really enjoy ballet.” I also liked digging clams. I was an only child so i didn't have very many kids to play with not even school kids. At school it was just our one group of friends.

Q: What was your family like?
A: well for starters She was an only child she had a mom and a dad. She tells me her parents weren't strict or anything but i have a feeling sometimes they were. “We traveled a lot mostly to fox island.” “I loved pets” We had a dog named freckles. “Guess what my favorite animal is” as he is pointing to her dog phoebe sitting on her lap. I say without any hesitant “ phoebe.” She said one thing that kinda made me laugh “ I had more fun being raised as an only child!” Which i thought is definitely true sometimes but i can't imagine not growing up without having siblings.

Q: What was school like for you? (grades,subjects etc…)
A:”I was very smart but i didn't put it to work, so i didn't do as well as i should have.” which made my mother very mad she says with a slight chuckle. “ what was your favorite subject?” I asked. She said it was history. I wondered why. And it was like she was reading my mind or something because shortly after she said why she like history the best. She said “I was always interested in what was going on somewhere else in the world.” I didn't have very many friends just a small group of us. “ you know i don't think i was a vey fun person.” “ well you were a fun adult by all means.”

Q: What was your favorite memory from when you were younger?
A: when i ask that question she seems a little spaced out. I wait there for not to long when my dad chips in”children, grandchildren” “oh oh yeah” My children, guess which grandchildren i love the most she says pointing at me. I think to my head she is only saying this because i am sitting right in front of her. But i also did love going to weddings and traveling. Especially traveling with my kids to tahoe and washington.

Q: What was your first and last job?
A: My first job? My first job was babysitting. “Well who did you babysit?” i asked. Just some friends kids from high school. Which didn't really make a lot of sense to me. But i just moved on anyways. So what what was your last job? Telephone company, and working at my husband's orthodontist office. “And What did you do there” I asked even tho i pretty much knew the answer. She would teach people how to brush their teeth how to take care of them.  

Q: How/Who where your Husbands?
A: She was married twice which i actually didn't know before i didn't even know what his name was and i still don't know what his last name was. But his first name was Carl, and him a my grandma had one kid together. After Carl my grandma got married again to Gareth Meinhold. Unfortunately i never got to meet him because he passed away 2 weeks before I was born.  But I always her funny stories about him. My grandma and grandpa had five kids together 2 girls and 3 boys.

Q: Kids?
A: Well i had 6, 3 girls 3 boys. I had 1 with my first husband and 5 with my last husband. She starts naming them thinking she is doing it in the right order.( but she is not) “ umm Viki, Leeane, Tom, uhhh Mary jo, Tim, and uh andy. “Not in that order” my dad says laughing. “ i know” i say.  The real order from oldest to youngest: Vicki, Leanne, Mary jo, Andy, Tim, and Tom.

Before this interview started there were some things that i didn't know about my grandma for example i didn't know that she was married 2 times, i didn't know that she was an only child. But now that i know more things about her it makes me feel closer to her. And some things surprised me some didn't but i am actually glad i did this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Was Born

As you can see from the blog before this Christmas is a day of fun with family and friends. On December 25 People gather around among the ones they love and open gifts from each other. Christmas was the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is technically a Christian holiday with Christian Traditions but know a days it more about the most amount of time you can spend with th ones you love.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Joyful Days

Christmas Is one of the best days of the year! Some people might not celebrate Christmas, the might celebrate Hanukkah. I don't know much about it because i don't celebrate it but i do know a lot about Christmas. Christmas is a holiday if your in school then you get 1 or 2 weeks off of school to spend time with your family. December 25t is the day most people are siting for to open and give them around to everyone you love most.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Dogs, today i read as you can see from the title dogs, i read about dogs. I decided to read about dogs because I've wanted one for quiet some time now. There are many different types of dogs there are Huskies, Pugs, Poodles, Pit bulls, etc. I could go on and on about the different types of dogs there are.  My personal favorite dog would be a Husky or corgi because corgis we had one side i was a baby and it just died last year and i really want another one. And Huskies are super cute and playful there are just endless possibilities with them.